Viticulturist by nature, cooperative in spirit

Cellers Domenys, a cooperative with more than 100 years of history

Domenio is a project for bottling and marketing at national and international level by Cellers Domenys, one of the most important cooperatives in southeast Catalonia. Producers of wines, cavas and oils, at Domenio we work the land, the vineyards, the grapes and the olive orchards in seven benchmark villages in the Catalan market. These, combined with the abilities, knowledge and potential of the winery, are the pillars of our project for a long-term future.

Cooperation, participation, innovation, social responsibility… Since 1917, these and many others form the set of values that have stimulated Cellers Domenys to work on constructing an entity committed to the people and the land. Today, the cooperative represents the union of several organisations in the Catalan viticulture sector. More than 100 years of history being written with a cooperative spirit and character.

Products made with soul

The working lands of Cellers Domenys –from the coast to the interior of Catalonia– are full of top quality material. Viticulture and oil production, mixing tradition and new technology in equal parts, form part of the processes of preparing wine, cava and oil in the cooperative. A production that is recognised and classified under 5 important Designations of Origin in the area, warranting the control applied by Domenio in its products: DO Penedès, DO Conca de Barberà, DO Cataluña, DO Cava and Siurana PDO.

Recognition under these Designations of Origin clearly demonstrates the work and dedication of all the members of the cooperative and also of the human team of Domenio, which has a whole technological and advisory structure to ensure optimisation in the management and technical control of cultivation and the processes involved in the development of the fruit. This also helps in the maintenance and protection of the properties and crops through rigorous information on conditions in the vineyards and olive orchards. Pioneers in implementing a comprehensive vine management programme, called Domenio Vitis, which provides for exhaustive control over the individual parcels of grape production, Domenio applies rigorous technical management to the cultivated land through a traceability system designed to guarantee food security in all the processes.

Proximity as a guarantee of best results

From field management (farms, treatments, incidents and pests…) to the final preparation of our wines, cavas and oils, passing through testing before the grapes and olives are harvested and quality checks in our laboratories, ours is a complex process and requires special attention to guarantee all the quality processes required. For this reason, we like to work with local products, harvested at kilometre 0, with people who understand the area after many years working in the fields of Baix Penedès, Conca de Barberà and Alt Camp. Only in this way can we achieve wines, cavas and oils with their own essence, aroma and flavour; guaranteeing a production that fulfils the protocols and standards in all processes, both when they enter our wineries and oil mills and when they leave.